New WebOS platform launched by Palm

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CES 2009 is definitely proving to be the place to be for all gadget enthusiasts. And Palm does not disappoint any of them with this new OS release called as WebOS. With touchscreen becoming the norm of the day, this device has touchscreen and more to keep you satisfied. This spanking new OS supports touch, flicks and even dragging. All this is very intuitive and gets work done more efficiently. For e.g. after finishing work on an application, you just flick the application upwards.

As before, you get get seamless integration between various chat services. Also incorporates a Synergy Sync system that will manage all your contacts. Just log into Google, Facebook etc and that’s it. As if that’e not enough, you can even charge the phone wirelessly!

According to the company, the developers need not be highly skilled programmers. Even the basic knowledge of web based languages like HTMl, CSS etc is more than sufficient to get you started. Drooling already aren’t you?

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